Yes, Stephen Sizer did forward emails written by 9-11 conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers

In a new comment on The Spectator website, Stephen Sizer claims:

I have never knowingly, to use her [Melanie Phillips’] words, “given interviews to, endorsed or forwarded material from American white supremists and Holocaust deniers”.

31st March 2006: Stephen Sizer forwarded an email entitled ‘Thought Cops Tell Evangelist No More Talk of Israel on Air’ written by 9/11-truther Michael Collins Piper, in defence of Holocaust-denier Dale Crowley (for more on Sizer and Crowley, see here).

June 19th 2008: Stephen Sizer forwarded an email entitled ‘US Government Condemns Unintentional Anti-Semitism’ taken from the website of Jeff Rense.

In this email you can read:

The state department needn’t lecture evangelical Christians against possibly assisting Israel’s enemies. At least a century ago, evangelical leaders anticipated the state department’s warning. Today, evangelicals reflexively honor the code that, no matter how true an unflattering fact or opinion about Jews may be, it will not be repeated. As a result of a century of self-censorship, tens of millions of evangelicals live in a virtual iron curtain of exclusion of truth about Jews, Judaism and Israel. Taught to see, hear, and speak no evil of Israel, they subsist on a religious and political diet of Zionist-approved pablum. The magnitude of truth that has never been allowed to reach them is encyclopedic.

21st June 2008: Stephen Sizer forwarded an email entitled ‘Israeli Threat to Messianic Jews’, and drew attention to a commentary written by Holocaust-denier Michael A. Hoffman II.

In this email you can read:

Orthodox Judaism is distinguished by its dictatorial tyranny over the mind of man. The totalitarian control exerted during the Communist revolution in Russia had Talmudic roots. No iota of deviation from the Oral Law is permitted, including any nostalgia for Jesus Christ, who is regarded as an idol who practiced sorcery and is now in gehenna boiling in his own feces. What is instructive about this AP article is the fact that it showcases the Israeli penchant for violence — using bombs, book-burning and arson against any who deviate, however minutely, from the dogma of Judaism or the Israeli state.

Judaism considers western civilization to be Edom and despises it with far greater rancor than even Muslim fundamentalists. The current alliance between the West and the Israelis and rabbis, is very tenuous and temporary, predicated on the denial of New Testament doctrine and the transformation of an erstwhile Christian western civilization into a collective golem that bombs and fights Muslims for the benefit of the Israelis.

When this proxy function is no longer needed, the Israelis will dump the West in Red China’s lap and proceed on their supremacist path as the self-appointed judge of the entire world. The reconstituted Sanhedrin court in Tiberias is one harbinger of this masterplan, aided and abetted by powerful “Christian” allies like Senator McCain, President Bush and Supreme Court Justice Scalia, among tens of thousands of other “conservative” golem in the top ranks of the American government, military, media, culture and business.

For more on the content of these emails, why these emails are antisemitic, and more on the antisemitism of the authors, see this blog post. For more on Rev Sizer and the American Far Right, see here.

Meanwhile, the internet edition for Holocaust deniers of Stephen Sizer’s essay Christian Zionism still remains available to download for free.


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25 responses to “Yes, Stephen Sizer did forward emails written by 9-11 conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers

  1. observer

    “I have never knowingly,” forwarded antisemitism or aligned with antisemites .
    Knowingly or not, antisemitic material of the most offensive nature has hit the Livingstone Christian Network on separate occasions with a click of a button from Stephen and recommendation too.
    An apology to the network is necessary, an apology to the Jewish community is necessary whom are the group contemptualised by the material. In future perhaps his forwarding should be monitored and screened by the Church, if he admits to being unable to recognise such material or people and such hostility.

  2. Maccabee

    Quite right: if he forwarded the material knowing of its contents, he is an antisemite and should not be taken seriously. If he forwarded it not knowing its contents, he is guilty of (to say the least) extreme lack of judgement and discernment, and should not be taken seriously. There is no third alternative.

  3. Maccabee

    PS observer, love the pun!

  4. Aslan

    For a man who is supposed to be educated and obviously media savy i.e. quickly aware of when anything is written about him in the press or internet, and an alledged ‘expert’ on these things, his claim to be so unaware and innocent, sounds increasingly hollow.

  5. Maccabee

    Sizer also claims the material he sends is “is invariably from mainstream newspapers and journals”!!!!

  6. old Labour

    Well done for flagging up Sizer’s unconvincing attempts to defend himself. His connections with Holocaust deniers are concrete.

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  8. Cath Palasz

    If someone were to raise “concerns” officially about the two antisemitic emails being posted “apparently” onto LSN (as suggested by the shocking evidence raked up on this sight) what response would one expect?
    a)- rebuff and proof of the fact of them not being real demanding an apology from complainant and removal off Seismic sight of claims.
    b)- acknowledgment of them being real and posted, acceptance of their prejudicial antisemitic nature, an apology of some sort and some future righting of the fact of them slipping through onto a Christian network claiming to be working in the name of peace and justice.
    c)- nothing
    d)- protectionism
    e)-reference to some untruths told in relation to poster elsewhere and affirmation of poster’s responsive defence as an adequate rebuff/response also to the antisemitic email posting concerns raised independently of any other issues.

    e) it is.

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  20. Dad has texted me. He’s seen this page and he sounds terrified. I haven’t heard him like this since I saw him reading that webpage with funny, gothic writing and strange symbols.

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