Curate arrested and de-arrested

This is Gloucester reports a surreal story about the arrest and de-arrest of Reverend Keith Hebden following a talk at a local church by Israeli preacher David Silver.


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11 responses to “Curate arrested and de-arrested

  1. anonymous

    I was there!!!

  2. seismicshock

    What happened exactly to lead to all this?

  3. Aslan

    Wow another great story about a floppy vicar!

  4. anonymous

    It wasn’t just a local church, but Gloucester Cathedral, so it was a major event at a high-profile venue. I’d say there was around 500 people present. There’s more details in the comments on the article you linked to – have a read and post back here if there’s anything specific you need filling in on.

    • Paul Gold

      forgiving the appalling grammar, this woulod appear to be a non-story that has been invented and inflated in an attempt to colour “Christian Zionists” as intolerant racists.

  5. seismicshock

    Thanks Paul. Have a look at some of the comments below the article – the eye-witness accounts so far line up with Silver’s view of events.

    • anonymous

      Basically there are plenty of Christians (including Anglicans) with anti-Israel views and they didn’t like a pro-Israel meeting being held in a cathedral (but would have been quite happy with an anti-Israel one). The organisers held an open forum in the afternoon when people could discuss things and ask questions, so there was certainly no attempt to stifle debate. But the evening meeting was a worship service. Someone (who I now know to be Keith Hebden, and a bit of research will reveal he considers himself a christian anarchist!) stood up half-way through, started to speak, was asked to stop, didn’t, and so was removed. There was a couple of policemen present as there had been some controversy beforehand and it was feared there might be protests or disruption.

      The only thing of note is that David Silver’s words have been misrepresented by the anti-Israel brigade, which is to be expected.

  6. They would though, almost all of those present were his supporters. Sadly, very few protesters turned out.

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